Cases Of Note

Most Recent Trial, 2011:
Truck Auto Accident
Plaintiff offered:               $200,000
Jury Verdict w/costs:         $525,000

Other Jury Verdicts:

6th largest verdict in USA for individual plaintiffs in 1998
Bradley tank Federal False Claims
Plaintiff offered:               $10 million
Jury Verdict:                    $350 million

Assault and battery resulting in low back ruptured disc
Plaintiff offered:               $25,000
Jury Verdict w/costs:         $750,000

Workplace accident - Inhalation of chlorine gas after pressure reducing value failed
Plaintiff offered:               $275,000
Jury Verdict w/costs:         $765,852

Slip and Fall resulting in shoulder impingement
Plaintiff offered:               $25,000
Jury Verdict w/costs:         $175,000

Large Settlements in Brain Injury Cases

Drunk driver; Brain Injury and Lumbar Disc Injury.
Settlement:                     $6.5 Million

Ladder Fell off truck causing automobile accident resulting in permanent brain damage.
Settlement:                     $3.25 Million

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